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September 7, 2011 / Grandioz

Cashflow Game Singapore – Free to Come & Play

Do you want to achieve “Financial Freedom”?

Start by playing cashflow game singapore with us!

cashflow game singaporeWe are The Largest Official Cash Flow Club in Singapore with More Than 1000 Members since year 2000.

Come and play cashflow game singapore at our place for FREE!

Cashflow 101 and cashflow 202 is a boardgame created by Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) in 1994. He is a financially free man and he created this game to teach us how to become financially free. This unique game is able to educate you on how you can move from your earned income into a passive income. So our club is proud to bring you cashflow game singapore.

Why you should play cashflow game singapore with us?

cashflow game singapore

The reason we called it cashflow game singapore is because we tweak the game to be more realistic and 'singapore like'

  • We do not only play cashflow game singapore but we also practice the concept that we learn from Robert Kiyosaki in real life!
  • We are a pro! We have played cashflow game singapore countless times.
  • We share our opportunity to get 20% – 40% every year with limited risk!
  • We are here solely for education. So rest assured that the there will be no selling of insurace, mlm, and the likes.
  • Our game session is FREE & no strings attached. Simply because we believe it should be free.
  • We give you freedom to choose your preferred time to play cashflow game singapore.

Come and join our next cashflow game singapore



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